技术参数 (Technical parameters) 单位UNIT 参数值( parameters values )
物理点间距 (Pixel pitch) MM 7.62
模块尺寸 (Panel size) MM L244*H244*T12
物理密度 (Physical density) M2 17213
像素基色 (Pixel configuration) R/G/B 111
驱动方式 (Driving method) 1/8恒流扫描Constant current 1/8scan
LED封装方式(LED Encapsulation) SMD 3528白灯
显示分辨率 (Display resolution) DOTS 32X32=1024
模块重量 (Module weight) KG 0.19
模块接口 (Module port) HUB-HD75(2)
模块工作电压(Module working voltage) VDC 5
模块功耗 (Module consumption ) W 13~18
模块视角 (Viewing angle) Deg. 140
最佳视距 (Option distance) M 7-30
驱动器件 (Driving device) 2037/5020
每平米模块数(Every square metre module) PCS 16.8
最大功耗 (Maximum power) W/M2 300
换帧频率 (Frame Frequency) HZ/S ≥60
刷新频率 (Refresh frequency) HZ/S 2037/1920,5020/≥320
白平衡亮度 (Equilibrium brightness) CD/M² 900~1100
工作环境温度(Working environment temperature) -10~60
工作环境湿度(Working environment humidity) RH 10%~70%
屏体工作电压 (Display working voltage) VAC AC47~63HZ,220V±15%/110V±15%
白场色温 (Colour temperature) 8500K-11500K
灰度/颜色 (Gray scale/color) ≥16.7M color
输入信号 (Input signal) RF\S-Video\RGB etc
控制系统 (Control system) “PCTV nonlinearity card,DVI
display card,Linsn control system “
平均无故障时间 (Mean free error time) HOURS >5000
寿 命 (Life) HOURS 100000
杂 点 率 (Lamp failure frequency) <0.0001
抗 干 扰 (Antijam) IEC801
安 全 (Safety) GB4793
抗 电 击 (Resist the electricity) 1500Vlast lmin No breakdown
屏体重量 ( Steel box weight) KG/M² 40( standard steel box)
漏电电流 (Earth leakage current) mA
I P 等 级 (IP rating) The back IP40,The front IP50
箱体尺寸(参考)(Steel box size) mm L732Xh732x80



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